The Political Extinction of the White American Male Dinosaur

I love the look I saw this week.

It was the look of terrified dinosaurs realizing that the meteorite is on its way; the dilated pupils in the eyes of leadened, lumbering prehistoric monsters who’ve had their run of the house, now finding themselves at the precipice of political extinction.

As the most diverse Congress in our history began its session, it was a harbinger of what is coming for this nation, and what it means for their species. America is growing more diverse, and its representative leadership (though still painfully lagging behind) is quickly making up ground. They can see the change in the weather and the light in the sky—and they are scrambling to avoid the coming impact because they can sense it will not end well for them.

It’s why Mitch McConnell is holding the Government hostage over an ineffective, multi-billion dollar monument to racism of a border wall, that two-thirds of this country doesn’t want.
It’s why men like Tucker Carlson, rant mindlessly about successful women ushering in the “decline of men.”
It’s why Jim Mattis and Michael Cohen and General Kelly and Mike Flynn, and a perpetually revolving door of men are leaving or being forced out of positions of influence and leadership.

It’s why Republican leaders have spent the past year creating a massive straw man out of exhausted migrant families and refugee children, as though they were wealthy foreign adversaries rigging a Presidential election.
It’s why Right-wing trolls “leaked” a video of a college-aged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing, as if it was a clip of her saying she could grab less powerful men by the genitalia.
It’s why Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr, performed embarrassingly  contorted theological gymnastics, in order to align with this President over poor people.
It’s why Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve bunkered down in the White House behind a smart phone, tweeting scattered, rapid-fire nonsense—instead of being with his family or reading or God forbid, serving someone.

It is the white-hot fear that has overtaken them all.

They’re all in a scalding panic, because they understand that their brief moment in history to have their way and impose their will is quickly coming to a close. The landscape is being renovated, the climate is changing, and as a species they are dying—which is why they will do what all frightened animals do when they are backed into a corner and realize the level of the threat: they will grow more violent than ever before.

In the coming days, the Tweets will become more erratic, the legislative assaults grow more transparently desperate, the hate crimes more brazen, the sermons grow more alarmist and incendiary. These Jurassic, soon-to-be-amber-trapped relics, will act as if the very sky above them is falling, because in very real ways, it is. They will thrash and spit and bellow, in an effort to buy themselves a few more days and a bit more power and another Federal judge or two, but they cannot stave off their inevitable political disappearance, as progress and civilization and time swallow them up.

The misogynistic, supremacist nostalgia of their dying glory days is dissolving, in the glorious refining fire of what is coming on the horizon: color and diversity and new and young and wide open. The wall-builders and the close-fisted and the table-monopolizers will not survive this evolution.

America’s history is being rewritten in real-time by a fearless, disparate, interdependent humanity of every creed and orientation and nation of origin, and despite a reign that seemed like it would never end, the once mighty white dinosaurs are running out of real estate—and time.

Their eyes tell the story.

They see extinction coming.

We all do.

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143 thoughts on “The Political Extinction of the White American Male Dinosaur

  1. The author is a frickin idiot! He has an extremely twisted view of reality. That’s what makes America so wonderful, even people like this can share an opinion!

    • Really what’s the reality. Did he lie? And if so, specifically detail the case for misinformation or falsehood. No, there is nothing but paranoia in your reality. Remember this, when someone gets hit with truth they troll with opposition.

    • I am so sick of Cultural Marxist anti white Rhetoric “you were born a racist” Shame shame shame. Just stop. It was Africans and Arabs who started the slave trade before the Roman empire and it a was the Brits who crushed it world wide in 1834. White people have suffered and died to advance western civilization. No one accused my grandfather of having white privilege when he was freeing Europe from real Nazis

  2. The day can not come fast enough for me!!!!! I hope to see the complete collapse of these Greedy Old Pigs before I die!!!! I am going to be 64 in May, so hurry up and die already!!!!!

  3. This is nothing more than dribble from a person who promotes diversity in the most racist form.
    It is not ridding congress of old white guys. Our focus should be on ridding the career politicians. Only 48% of Americans oppose the wall not 66% as stated in the article

    • It’s more like 56% who oppose the wall. And on the border itself, it’s almost 70% . I trust their opinions more than those of my Michigan neighbors who voted for a bigot.

  4. Love that photograph of Mitch McConnell!!! He is on my Top 10 list of the sorriest, most heartless human beings who ever lived. Heaven or Hell require a soul. His problem: Best I can tell he does not have one. Maybe he never did have one. Maybe he had one but sold it long ago. However, I know why he is in the U.S. Senate—because he said so in an interview I saw a few years ago. Is it to help our country? Is it to help our people? Is it to be of service to some person in need ? No. None of that stuff for him:

    He said he wanted to be remembered in the history books. How many of you, without looking it up, know who the U.S. Senate majority leader was in 1912? How many of you have ever seen such obscure information in a high school or college history textbook? Not me—and prehistory and history are my professional business. McConnell is just as sold out, dumb, and vacuous as he looks.

    He even calls Donald J. Trump “Mr. President.” My Welsh Corgi is more deserving of the title. Just call up “Lilibet” She’ll tell you!!!

    • I would like to know who the Senate majority leader was in 1912. My research has led me to believe that the title started to be recorded from the year of 1912, please do inform me.

  5. Of all the things they do, but accuse others of doing, their refusal to assimilate into a multicultural America is one of the worst.

    • I’m white. Does that invalidate my opinion? Keep pushing us. We’ve been very tolerant and accommodating and because a great many of us as accepted that people are people and they will behave as we behave and be tolerant and accommodating as well. You’re showing us that you’re not the same and that you seek totalitarian rule against us. When pushed, these old while dinosaurs have proven that we’re good at killing those who would oppress us. Keep it up.

        • John, please, if you’re promoting such opinions as shown here, do change your surname, for you have no right to bear the surname of the ever-best of the “white dinos”. Please, don’t embarass SerBe.

      • Tolerant and accommodating? I think not! I have never seen worse behavior in our country, ever. And I am old enough to have seen much.

      • Oppression? Sharing the stage is what I got from the article. And way to bring up committing violence against women and minorities because they want equality.

      • You mean the oppressors who have been doing it for centuries by sending young people to place to die do that they can protect the stuff he/she has stolen?

  6. Best Case Of planned ob·so·les·cence ever
    /ˌpland ˌäbsəˈlesəns/Submit
    a policy of producing (GOP CONGRESSPERSONS) that become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in design, termination of the supply of spare parts, and the use of nondurable materials.

  7. It’s the violence that worries me. So many racists, who see their view of the world fading away, will turn to violent expression, lashing out at anyone whom they see as a threat to their existence. We see it in their quest for limitless gun rights, and the push for right to open-carry firearms. It’s as if they were told all their lives, for generations that they were the best thing to happen to the world, and that nobody else can govern the planet the way they do. They have even wrongfully used “God” to promote their will as a blessing that lay only before them. What makes them think that it won’t and should not come to an end? This is what “end-times” really mean…it means that the hand that moves the world into chaos will be paralyzed and halted forever, and it will be done by their own hands . Yet, they fear that their victims will hurt them. Are they not deserving of justice? Better days await, because their hand in power has brought hell on earth, dividing every nation and poisoning every land mass, and this must change. This too shall pass and we all have a front row seat to witness it.

    • Projecting much? It’s the left that is constantly calling for censorship and violence. As Saul Alinsky said in Rules for Radicals “Always accuse your enemies of doing what you are actually doing”

  8. Really what’s the reality. Did he lie? And if so, specifically detail the case for misinformation or falsehood. No, there is nothing but paranoia in your reality. Remember this, when someone gets hit with truth they troll with opposition.

    • WoW .. and your a man of God ?? Really, You Work for The left and The NWO dont You John.. dont You know jesus is coming fir You in The second coming .. your strings are Being Pulled by your demons and do You even obey Gods laws instead of mans ?

  9. Well said. And, I really hope you’re right. The world seems to be at a breaking point right now, and I really hope it changes for the better before the worst happens.

  10. You have to be able to read between the lines here to understand what (((fellow white guy))) pavlovitz is saying here. Those like him will try to say that it isn’t what it sounds like, but it is. This goes beyond republicans, Trump supporters, etc.
    This is him saying to ALL White Americans (Americans of wholly-European descent) that, “You’re losing your birthright, this rainbow coalition of freaks & foreign species is growing stronger every day, you’re growing weaker, and there’s nothing you can do. We are rejoicing, we are celebrating. Prepare for the future that WE, not YOUR ancestors, had envisioned.”
    Thankfully, not all of us have been browbeaten & brainwashed. We know who’s waging this war against us, pavlovitz, and we see you for who you are. And don’t rejoice too soon. We’re not done yet. We’ll pass through hell if we have to, to finally, once & for all settle the score between our two races. Your kind has ensured that this Final Struggle will be for keeps.

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