He is Already Morally Impeachable

The truth is vulnerable right now.

Good people know this.

We can see that justice in this particular iteration of America is susceptible to compromised politicians and fake news conspiracies, to parsed out semantics and legislative loopholes, to redacted transcripts and denied subpoenas, to purchased pastors and corrupt judges, to Presidential tweet tantrums and partisan network propaganda.

The purpose of the rule of law and the intentions of our Constitution have proven ineffective in adequately protecting us from such unprecedented malfeasance, and this week will be nothing new.

As in so many moments over the past three years, these impeachment hearings and this inquiry will not yield justice in the way they were designed to by our forbears—but they will one more time fully illuminate the truth. They will once again reveal what we are presently at the mercy of: an unstable, malignant narcissist surrounded by a cadre of opportunists whose greed and self-preservation make them incapable of doing what is right.

Yet regardless of this, the greater verdict is already in; the one not able to be concealed or evaded or stonewalled or gaslit away.

To all people of faith, morality, and conscience—Donald Trump is already fully impeachable, his moral character beneath contempt and beyond defense. He is fully unworthy of this nation.

The evidence is overwhelming:

A President whose entire life lacks nobility or empathy.
A Cabinet populated by racists and white supremacists.
An Administration littered with career criminals and hucksters.
A fully complicit white Evangelical Church with no use for Jesus.
Predatory legislation designed to damage already vulnerable people.
A three-year resume of incendiary language, human rights atrocities, environmental attacks, and migrant contempt,

Yes, legally he should be impeached.
Politically, he should be removed.

Of course he should.
Rational people know this—but we also understand the political reality of the day.

We understand that those emboldened by him because he shares their contempt and validates their prejudices and fuels their phobias, have no interest in legality. Legality is an inconvenience they will not be encumbered by. Just as they have never read the Ukraine Transcripts or the Mueller report or the assault survivor testimony, they will not watch the impeachment hearings—because they refuse any evidence that conflicts with the story they’ve told themselves and so desperately need to be true.

In any other season of our great nation’s journey this belligerent White House squatter would have been removed years ago, and now be languishing in prison and infamy, exposed as the historic traitor he is.

Instead, he will be buffered and protected and lied for, and will likely politically survive this. He will be evade legal culpability. That is the tragic, yet smaller picture here.

To those who appeal to a higher law, to the disparate population of this nation who is universally passionate about the common good, his deeper guilt is far beyond a reasonable doubt.

We have seen it and heard it, we have watched it retweeted on our timelines and spewed on street corners and shouted across dinner tables. We have seen it spray painted on mosque walls and chanted in hateful parades and preached from pulpits.

The most grievous offenses of this man and these leaders and their surrogates transcend mere illegality and bleed into inhumanity. This day and these hearings and ceremonial votes and legal gymnastics and political grandstanding will not change this.

And so we will again demand justice and it will likely be perverted.
We will once more lift up the facts and they will be disregarded.
We will for the thousandth time appeal to people’s decency—and they will offer none.
We will uphold the laws of the land and these will again be found insufficient.

And when rightness has again been ignored and dismissed, we will continue to work and speak and protest and vote—because we appeal to a higher law, because goodness and character and decency and objective truth are worth fighting for.

Legality can be sidestepped and the Law can be avoided, but the Truth is still the Truth.

In such matters, he and those who share his heart—are already fully impeachable.





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