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Goodbye, Donald. You Were A Helpful Disaster.

Dear President Trump,

In the waning hours of your presidency, I wanted to take a few moments to express my deepest gratitude for all that you’ve done.

It will be difficult in this small space to adequately express the depth and breadth of my appreciation, but I will make an admittedly feeble attempt.

I was wrong about you.

At first, I wrongly assumed you were to blame, but in recent years







in the 81 million who have been horrified for every single day you have been here; those who’ve grieved and despaired and been outraged.

in those who’ve lost sleep and sacrificed time and expended energy pushing back against you and people like you.

in white people who are finally coming to terms with the reality of their privilege and the supremacy afflicting this nation.


You have left a trail of injured people, desecrated ideals, plundered resources, and fractured relationships that cannot be quantified.

But in being as unrepentantly malevolent and unapologetically ugly as you have been, you’ve unearthed our hidden sickness and shown us who we are: not in the songs or the anthems or the history books, but in reality and in this moment.


Now, get the hell out of our house and our lives for good.

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