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Many of You Owe Hillary Clinton An Apology

There’s an old saying, “when the horse is dead, dismount.”

The MAGA myth of Hillary Clinton’s wickedness is a dead horse, Conservative friend. It’s time to get off that rotting corpse of a delusion and join us in reality.

The reality is that Donald Trump has now been indicted three times.
He has been impeached twice.
He has been found liable in a court for sexual abuse and defamation.
And yet, here you are: steadfast in your allegiance, unwavering in your support, strident in your adoration.

Not only that, but despite the fact that she was investigated relentlessly over years without a single indictment, you still have the incomprehensible gall to say with a straight face:

“Hillary would have been worse.”

Even now, with all we have endured as a nation at his hand.
Even with everything these investigations have already unearthed.
Even with his documented incompetence during the greatest public health crisis of our lifetimes that left us irreparably fractured and buried in grief.
Even with a refusal to accept political defeat that threw us into chaos.
Even with the disaster of January 6th fully exposing his sickening disregard for America’s elections, its fundamental systems of protection, and its Constitution.
Even though he is facing prosecution for the highest crimes against this nation as its Commander In Chief, you still insist of deifying him as a patriot and vilifying Hillary Clinton.

The idea that she would have been remotely capable of the kind of wanton recklessness, legislative overreach, and willful lawlessness we’ve endured at the hands of the traitorous, belligerent serial predator you hitched your identity to would be laughable, were it not so very sad.

I know that after screaming “lock her up” for years, you need to believe this Right-wing fantasy about Hillary in order to protect yourself from your culpability in creating this national MAGA cancer, in launching his global joke of a Presidency, in doing such damage to so many people.

But this is all really quite simple, friend: Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been capable of the malice and malpractice Donald Trump has been capable of, simply because she’s a rational, level-headed, intelligent, articulate, faithful, compassionate human being—and he is none of those things.

He never belonged here.
He was neither emotionally, intellectually, or morally deserving of the presidency.
And for whatever reason, you chose incorrectly.
More than that, you refuse to admit that.

Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect, but here’s what I know:
She wouldn’t have engaged in middle of the night, all-caps social media rants.
She wouldn’t have called Nazis and racists “fine people.”
She wouldn’t have played patty-cake with Vladimir Putin.
She wouldn’t have publicly praised Kim Jong Um.
She wouldn’t have emboldened racists to march through streets in the light of day.
She wouldn’t have coddled the NRA in the wake of unrelenting mass shootings.
She wouldn’t have tripped over herself for praise and credit and affirmation like some insecure middle schooler.
She wouldn’t still be holding rallies in a desperate attempt to gather a choir of sycophants to shower her with adulation.
She wouldn’t have attacked the integrity of the Free Press, the FBI, or the Judiciary.
She wouldn’t have stumbled, shoved, and faked away moments of international diplomacy because she lacked basic knowledge of the issues or the ability to be decent.
She wouldn’t have had a revolving door Cabinet filled with white supremacists, creationists, and flat-earthers.
She wouldn’t have lied repeatedly, ignored science, and turned wearing masks into a tribal political statement.

And the bottom line is that Hillary was right.

She was right when she warned us that Donald Trump was in bed with foreign adversaries.
She was right when she said our election process was being irreparably compromised.
She was right when she noted his cruelty, his impulsiveness, and his recklessness.
She was right when she suggested he was beholden to a murderous foreign dictator.
She was right when she told us that he was dangerously incapable of self-control on social media.
She was right when she pointed out the toxic hatred he was cultivating and releasing in people.
She was right when she noticed the way he was dragging national discourse into the toilet.

Hillary Clinton is not being indicted again, Donald Trump is.

She deserves an apology from you for still trying to make this about her.

I don’t hold out hope that it will come, as I know how deep the tribalism is and how difficult it is for us to admit when we’re wrong.

But if you care as deeply about this nation as you claim you do, you’ll dismount the dead horse myth of Trump’s patriotism and Hillary’s treason—and you’ll stand on your own two feet.

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